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Put our breadth of expertise in designing and manufacturing cable assemblies, wire harnesses, and electromechanical assemblies to work for your business. Our manufacturing expertise and broad capabilities within the wire harness manufacturing industry allow us to serve companies requiring a range of sophisticated solutions at competitive costs with quick turns. Our facilities offer a combined 350,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

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Wire Kits and Harnesses

Rely on ICA for the production of any type of wire harness, from single lead to highly complex. Arrangements of wires with different characteristics, these kits are normally used to wire electric control boxes or any type of equipment point-to-point when a harness hasn’t been designed.

Multi-conductor, coaxial, triaxial, ethernet and pig tails

Access our extensive capabilities and experience, including cutting, stripping, terminating and the extra required processes for:

  • Multiconductor: A group of two or more conductors held together by a common external jacket.
  • Coaxial cable: A single wire encapsulated by an insulating layer, surrounded by a shield; normally used communications, where the incidence of high-frequency signal losses must be very low.
  • Triaxial cable: Similar to coaxial cable but with the addition of an extra layer of insulation and a second conducting sheath; provides greater bandwidth and higher protection against interference.
  • Ethernet: Intended for computer and communication applications, this type combines the characteristics of multiconductor and coaxial cables.
  • Pig tails: A single-connector wire assembly, pig tails have wire attachments on one end, normally encapsulated by potting or over-mold, and a single-lead, multiconductor, coaxial, triaxial, or ethernet assembly on the other.
Cut Strip Mark Grommet Equipment

Enhance efficiency and precision. Our state-of-the-art wire processing equipment combines the work of six stations into a single operation, enabling wire marking, cutting, insulation removal, terminal crimping, and wire seal insertion with one piece of equipment.

Heavy-duty power leads (6GA-4/0) and Battery Cables

We can cut, strip, terminate, and solder heavy gauge wire, ranging from 6AWG to 4/0AWG.

Cable and connector kits

Increase inventory accuracy, reduce overhead, and boost efficiency with bundled cable and connector kits that provide multiple assemblies or components needed to perform a specific task.

High-flex cable and chain assemblies

Access production of sophisticated Hi-Flex cable assemblies capable of withstanding rugged environments, including proprietary track assemblies, for applications large and small.

Overmolded connectors and cables

Accomplish overmolding of connectors, terminal wires, and more with a wide range of materials to provide protection, reduce strain, or create isolation.

Ribbon Cables

Tap our specialty expertise in integrating both small and large gauge ribbon cables with up to 60+ conductors into your harness assemblies. ICA manufactures all styles of multi-conductor ribbon cables, including shielded, round to flat, and all available pitch styles.

Pneumatic flow control and distribution harnesses

ICA offers both the equipment and experienced technicians necessary for assembly of pneumatic systems, which circulate and regulate the flow of gasses or liquids through tubing and specialized flow controls and regulators.

Power cords

Manufacturing custom power cords that adhere to our customers’ unique specifications for cable matching, torque specifications and assembly instructions has been a core competency in all of our facilities since day one. Our facilities are equipped with Hi-Pot testing equipment and overmolding capability.

Fiber optics

Fiber optic cables, comparable in diameter to a human hair, utilize drawing glass (silica) or plastic for communications applications requiring high bandwidth. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to cut, terminate and polish fiber optic wire assemblies.

Electromechanical assemblies

Reduce inventory and buy-line items with quality-built assemblies and subassemblies. We offer value-added services for everything from attaching a connector to a fan to complete assembly of power distribution enclosures and terminal blocks.


Enhance protection from harsh environments, abrasions, and chemicals with braiding and protective coverings. We offer all types of material for virtually any application, from small types with tight tolerances to large types:

  • Woven Braid: Nylon, copper, or steel yarn woven over the bundle of wires to cover 90-100% of the bundle surface, depending on your requirements. Available in many colors.
  • Conduit/Convoluted: Convolute tube is slid over the bundles for protection. Available in slit or complete.
  • Sleeves: While we offer many sleeves for different materials, the most common are twist tube sleeves, pre-woven sleeves, and heat shrink sleeves.
  • Foam Molding: Over-molded plastic polyurethane conforms to a specific shape and form to create superior protection from temperature, humidity, and abrasion stresses for certain bundles of harnesses.
Ultrasonic Welding

Reduce cost while upholding quality in your high-volume wire splicing requirements. Our ultrasonic splicing capability provides a clean durable welded connection at a fraction of the cost of applying a mechanical crimp or solder splice.

Ensure crimp height to your specifications. Our QCM (Quality Control Modules) include sensors that measure crimp height in 100% of our terminals. Every crimp set up in every factory is checked for the manufacturer’s recommended crimp height and is pull tested. Results are recorded and documented at each facility.

Inkjet and Hot Stamping

Print wires from 24awg up to 3/0 AWG with lasting labels. Our state-of-the-art wire processing equipment includes stations capable of labeling each individual circuit for both Hot Stamp or Inkjet printing and are capable of passing military requirements. Labels will not fade with friction or when exposed to common chemicals such as alcohol, acetone, diesel, automotive oil, and more.


Protect your most vulnerable connections with the extensive expertise of our IPC certified trainers and operators. We utilize dip solder for small terminals and wire strips and solder pots for larger gauge terminals up to 3/0 gauge.

Advanced test and fixturing capabilities

Be confident in the quality of your ICA products. Our quality assurance processes demand that we test all assemblies in-house. This testing includes continuity, shorts, hipot, solder inspection, resistance, leaks, and more, including custom testing per your needs.

First article and production runs

Accelerate product launches and maximize production efficiency with expert guidance in our refined first article process. We provide feedback on manufacturability, potential product enhancements, and component selection recommendations with dynamic communication.

Turnkey Manufacturing

Ensure timely shipment of your orders with our sophisticated MRP systems, years of supply chain management, and financial stability. We manage product BOMs with hundreds of components every day. Ask us how we can help you.

Manage your inbound supply chain for better peace of mind. We have years of experience collaborating with our vendor base to anticipate customer demand and provide strategic solutions to ensure our customers they will receive their orders on time. We offer JIT, vendor-managed inventory and Kanban programs.

ICA utilizes conveyor stations for large, high-volume assemblies. Conveyor stations can accommodate up to 8 assembly boards (4FT x 8FT) and maximize assembly efficiency and quality.  Key improvements include:

  • The conveyor systems allow us to optimize lean manufacturing best practices and maximize labor efficiencies.
  • Significant reduction of the employee training curve, allowing for improved flexibility and minimized ramp up times to accommodate increases in customer demands.
  • Modular design contributes to greatly reduced setup times, adding to the overall utilization benefits of the systems.
  • Predictable output projections
  • The systems are flexible, enabling us to utilize the 8 board conveyors in any configuration, from two or more smaller harnesses per board to 4 double size boards (4FT x 16FT) to accommodate larger harnesses and obtain the same benefits.

ICA Holdings’ in-house test bench and virtual board building capabilities ensure the highest quality standards while enabling us to expedite new product introductions and revision changes.

Our test boards and test benches utilize Dynalab and Cirrus hardware and software to thoroughly test all key elements of the harness assembly, including misaligned or missing wires and components. They even provide color detection and verification for the components and labels.  We also  perform water submersion Hi-Pot and on-board Hi-pot testing for water-resistant assemblies. There are pneumatics in all grip modules of every test board so if the harness fails to pass the electrical test it cannot be removed except by a quality supervisor.


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